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Unbelievable: Hillary Clinton STILL Can’t Let it Go!


In 2016, before the world-changing presidential election, a big and equally world changing information dump came from WikiLeaks.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that WikiLeaks has never had to retract an assertion. Its reporting has never been debunked. And in every political war on which WikiLeaks has reported, the side reported on favorably loves the outlet, and the other side does its best to discredit it.

What’s interesting about WikiLeaks is that their reputation is spotless, and if they report a crime, you can be reasonably sure that they have checked their facts. That is, by the way, the reason Julian Assange in on house arrest for a crime without evidence.

Now, back to the 2016 dump. It came from a slip up by DNC honcho John Podesta, who failed to secure his phone and left it in a cab. Among the thousands of suspicious and incriminating documents that came to light, was a letter from Hillary Clinton to Lady Rothschild.

In the letter, Hillary admitted to some failure that was not named or described. Mrs. Clinton begs for forgiveness in almost romantic and archaic terms- as if she were kneeling at the foot of a dangerous ruler. She begged for forgiveness, and asked, quite formally, how can she redeem herself.

Today, she seems desperate to do just that, to redeem herself. The question is, is she looking for favor in the eyes of some controlling entity? We may never know the truth about the people backing her.

Here’s Fox News on Hillary’s strangely obsessive media campaign to portray her loss as unfair.

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