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Veritas Exposes Teacher’s Union Protecting Child Abusers


Make no mistake, we are in a fight for our lives. This cultural war is about our ability to protect our families and secure liberty from the sorts of people who crave power and who believe they know how we should live better than we do ourselves.

The weapons employed by the Left to prosecute this war are the institutions of education, news and entertainment media, social engineering, alterations of the food and water supply, and finally — the gun of state-sanctioned enforcers. To fight against these weapons, we only have our own human vitality, our ability to organize, and the truth. The problem with these assets is their effectiveness is only good insofar as the influence of the weapons of the Left are kept at bay.

As long as we believe the narrative weaved by the mainstream media, and are so institutionalized as to believe that authority equals the right to wield power- this stranglehold of information cannot be broken. If we cannot both produce and access information that is truthful and explicit, revealing the corruption of the Left and their true agenda, then we are finished. It is an agenda which we have seen played out in nations all over the world in the form of totalitarian Communism — an ideology with a death count so high that it can only be estimated as somewhere around 100 million.

Project Veritas is one news outlet that offers proof of this corruption. Here, PV reveals the entrenched evil that currently inhabits teacher’s unions.

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