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Why are Leftists Defending a Criminal Immigrant Gang?


Their motto is “Kill, rape, control.” They are a massive criminal gang by the name of MS-13, and they are the largest, most violent gang ever to operate in the US. They are a product by and large of the gang culture of the American south-west.

According to a 2008 FBI threat assessment of the criminal network, MS-13 operates in no fewer than 43 states and the nation’s capital. They have between 7,000 and 11,000 members. They are known for their involvement in drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, robbery, vandalism, and murder.

The gang abides in poor neighborhoods where it uses rape, extreme violence, and threats of violence to prevent their neighbors from revealing their crimes or retaliating. Their tactics are marked by uninhibited brutality.

Now, leftists like Nancy Pelosi are actually defending MS-13. Why? Because Donald Trump called them ‘”animals.” The Trump derangement syndrome has gotten so bad, that anything Trump says has to be met with the most strident opposition.

Dozens of media outlets took footage from an interview where Trump was clearly discussing the problem of MS-13 with an official from Fresno California. He referred to the gang as animals, but the clip was edited to remove that context — and from there, leftists were able to go on rants about how racist it was of Trump to call all immigrants “animals.”

To put it simply, they are lying. They are lying right to our faces and they don’t even care that we know they are lying.

Here’s Tucker Carlson with the rest of the story.

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