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Why ‘Hate Crimes’ are Completely Meaningless


The rule of law is one of the pillars of western political thought. Historically, what made the west so distinct and prosperous was the idea that no one — not even kings or the aristocracy — was above it. However, the modern age has introduced a new interpretation to this idea: that the law can be amended at will depending on who is accosted.

YouTube commentator and comedian Steven Crowder picks apart the whole idea of a “hate crime” in the hilarious video below. Featuring fellow comedian Owen Benjamin playing the role of someone pretending to be a homosexual, the video digs deep into the insanity behind the idea of treating people differently based on who the victim of a crime is.

The idea of a hate crime — that is, a crime committed against someone belonging to a marginalized group — comes from the same stem of logic that is now giving us “hate speech” laws in places like the United Kingdom. Hopefully, we’re pretty far away from arresting people based on offensive Facebook posts in the United States, but we can quickly go in that direction if we aren’t careful.

Watch the video below to see Crowder and the gang take this whole issue to task in the only way they can — through hilarious sketch comedy.

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