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Woman Reacts to Trump Commuting her Prison Sentence


One of the more interesting powers of the president is the ability to pardon or commute the sentence of someone who has been convicted of a crime. It’s a power that sometimes leads to controversy when a president pardons someone the public would rather see behind bars, but it’s also a power that is able to demonstrate the president’s sympathetic side.

When President Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson, it was a pardon well-received by.

Alice Johnson was a first-time, nonviolent drug offender who was convicted of conspiracy to possess cocaine and attempted possession of cocaine. Shockingly, Johnson was sentenced to serve life in prison for these charges. During a meeting in the Oval Office with President Trump, Kim Kardashian West interceded on Johnson’s behalf, bringing her case to the attention of the President. Shortly thereafter, President Trump commuted Alice Johnson’s sentence, making her a free woman once again after having spent the past 22 years in prison.

The White House said in a statement, “While this administration will always be very tough on crime, it believes that those who have paid their debt to society and worked hard to better themselves while in prison deserve a second chance.”

Now, Alice Johnson has appeared on Fox News to give her reaction to President Trump commuting her sentence, To see the interview with Alice Johnson, be sure to check out the video below.

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