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“You are NOT Oppressed!” — Dave Rubin Takes on Protesters


The left has never looked more desperate, more angry, obsessive and vile than it does now. You never see it more clearly than when they appear to protest speakers with whom they disagree.

Since at least 2012, possibly even longer, we’ve been seeing leftists showing up at public talks and lectures and disrupting them. Often times their efforts are violent, conspicuously stupid, non-verbal, and totally lacking in wit or style.

They make it abundantly clear that they believe the teaching of their philosophical leader Jacques Derrida that all speech is a play for power. They truly believe that free speech is nothing but a tool for use by bigots to oppress and control others. It is a staggering admission of weakness that they refuse to argue, refuse to think, and refuse to grant their opponents the strengths of their arguments.

It is shameful and they should be ashamed of their behavior.

Looking back on the history of the last century, we see that their mentally flaccid game is nothing to be sniffed at. We know by existential proof that their way of thinking is supremely dangerous.

Fortunately, we have a powerful tool against them — the simple willingness to let them make fools of themselves in public.

It’s something Dave Rubin did so well at this recent talk which left-wing losers tried to shut down. Watch below:

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