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Atheist Liberal Sam Harris Reluctantly Defends Trump


Sam Harris is one of the famous atheists who regularly associated with Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Daniel Dennet. They were called The Four Horsemen and they gave atheism a huge boost in popularity.

Today, Harris has been drawn into the perimeter of what has been called The Intellectual Dark Web — a loose confederation of conservatives and liberals who are fed up with the madness coming from the Democratic Party and Cultural Marxism. It includes the famously Christian-friendly Jordan B. Peterson.

Peterson and Harris had a set of debates where they disagreed vigorously on the nature of truth. They came away from that conversation not seeing eye to eye, but not hating each other either, and that is the new international culture that the IDW is growing from is all about.

It’s worth noting that Harris remains a “spiritual” atheist and strident progressive. Still, he speaks openly about the rabid insanity that the left is producing. In the following clip from a Dave Rubin interview, Harris describes his intolerance for the lies the Left has been spewing about Donald Trump.

It’s a refreshing bit of commentary and it reminds us in a tangible way that we do not have to agree with a person to appreciate them and to have worthwhile conversations with them … although he is kind of annoying at times.

Here’s the clip.

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