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Barack Obama’s Latest Tour of Lies


He told us that he was going to use his presidency to campaign for a world without nuclear weapons. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his words. But it was a low point for the Nobel Society because Obama did nothing resembling an effort to keep that promise. He lied.

He told Americans that he would get us out of the wars of adventure in the Middle East. He may have gotten some troops out, but he quickly moved back in with armies of flying robots to terrorize civilians and kill Americans with total impunity. He told us he would end the war in Iraq. But not a day of his two-term presidency went by without an administration approved killing.

Obama even bragged about having a kill list. He once jokingly used the idea of killing a young man who disrespects his daughter with a predator drone. It might have been funny if he hadn’t murdered thousands of civilians with his airborne killing machines.

He called Christians and Second Amendment proponents “bitter clingers.” Not very damned American, Mr. Obama. Not very American at all.

Then, there’s Benghazi, where Hillary Clinton let our ambassador die the most brutal death imaginable at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

And don’t forget the way he directed the IRS to target the Tea Party, or the fact that the immigration policy the Dems are so pissed about was Obama’s idea.

Here’s Jesse Peterson with Obama’s latest tour of lies.

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