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Ben Shapiro: Why Socialism Always Fails


Socialism always fails. Socialism will always fail again. Why on God’s gray Earth would anyone believe that any country that tries socialism would ever do anything other than fail?

The evidence is in. Socialism couldn’t be better designed if you wanted to create a country that would crash dramatically.

Think of it. You hear scientists say things like “Quantum physics is the most proven scientific theory that has ever existed.” They tell us that in every experiment, the quantum model of physics has been proven right. There has never been a failure of the quantum to prove itself in laboratory conditions. Well, when it comes to the total failure of socialism, the same is true. No socialist experiment has ever worked — ever!

Maybe you’re feeling inclined to bring up the Scandinavian countries as the exception. There’s one problem: Norway and her neighbors are not socialist — and they will tell you so themselves. They are capitalists who like social programs.

The next argument might be that socialism has not been done right yet. Well, that is certainly true — even in countries where it has been attempted to do right — meaning in a way that respects human dignity, the levers of power were always seized by tyrants.

So even if you were pure as the driven snow, and created a socialist system of government, someone as pure as yellow snow would be waiting to stab you in the back and take control of your system of centralized power.

But in case we haven’t been clear, here’s Ben Shapiro to explain why socialism always, always, always fails spectacularly.

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