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Ben Shapiro: The Media Wants You to Believe that Everything is on Fire


Since the 2016 election, the mainstream media has adopted the role of Chicken Little, declaring that the sky is falling at every single turn. No matter what President Donald Trump says or does, the media would have everyone believe that it represents a threat-level midnight disaster. This drastic exaggeration of risk has become one of the primary reasons that people across the country no longer trust mainstream media outlets.

For the most recent example of the media declaring that everything is on fire, take a look at their reaction to President Trump’s tweet regarding Iran. The president had some tough words for the Islamic republic’s leaders, warning them that they had better stop making threats against the United States. In the aftermath of this tweet, though, those in the media cried and wailed and swore that President Trump’s single tweet would inevitably land us in a war with the country.

It’s difficult to know whether or not those in the media truly believe their own hype or whether their blatant over-exaggeration of the risk regarding everything Trump does is yet another tactic to sway public opinion of the president for the worse. Either way, people are growing weary of it — to the point that the media is likely not to be believed in the event that there ever is a real disaster that they need to cover.

To hear Ben Shapiro discuss the exaggerated manner in which the media reports on everything Trump does, be sure to check out the video below.

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