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Crazy Eyes Ocasio-Cortez Explains Unemployment, and Fails


You know what’s cute about the left? They just love to say all the sweetest things. They tell us they want to help all the children. They tell us they want to share all the things. Leftists tell us they want everyone to have a nice time, and that men are just so danged mean.

If you’ve been on a college campus in the last few years, you might have been to a safe space where coloring books, huge bean bags, puppies, and cartoons were provided for anyone who may have heard someone say something that made them feel a little bit icky.

We can all agree, puppies are delightful; bean bag chairs are nice; and coloring books — well, they’re okay for kids?

But when it comes to understanding how the world works, how economies function, how governments are operated, how a business works, leftists fall flat on their faces. And the real victims here are the puppies who are squished by all the falling leftist faces.

Again and again, the left keeps pushing these candidates who have no idea what the real world is all about. They gave us Hillary Clinton, who thinks her genitals were her best qualification for the office of the president. They gave us Bernie Sanders, who thinks free education is a thing. And now they have given us Alexandria “Crazy Eyes” Ocasio-Cortez, who apparently believes that jobs can just be created and given out to everyone.

The cringe is real.

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