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Even the New York Times is Praising the Trump Economy


The New York Times is no friend of President Trump. In fact, the publication has gone out of its way at every turn to blast the President’s slightest missteps, while at the same time ignoring his greatest accomplishments. However, some accomplishments are simply too impressive for even the New York Times to ignore.

The leading economist at the New York Times, Neil Irwin, wrote about the latest jobs report on September 7. Even given the fact that this jobs report was overwhelmingly good news for the economy and the American people, it wouldn’t have been the least bit surprising to see the New York Times spin it in some way so as to take yet another shot at President Trump. This time, however, Neil Irwin had nothing but good things to say.

It’s difficult for even Trump’s most dedicated opponents to look at figures such as record low unemployment and rising wages and come up with something negative to say about them. As much as the New York Times hates President Trump, it would seem as if they are finally coming around to begrudgingly admitting that he’s doing a pretty stellar job on the economic front.

To learn more about the current state of the economy and the praise that the New York Times had for it, be sure to check out the video below.

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