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Facebook Censors the Declaration of Independence


Few things present a more serious threat to freedom of speech – particularly conservatives’ freedom of speech – then the censorship algorithms employed by internet giants such as Facebook and Google. With so many people relying on the internet as their primary source of news, these handful of internet companies wield the power to almost entirely control the content that people see online. Time and time again, this is a power they have used to promote liberal content and censor content from conservative sources.

Recently, though, we were given a great example of just how terrible Facebook’s censorship algorithms really are. Near the fourth of July, as Americans celebrated the nation’s independence, some Facebook users found that they were unable to share to Declaration of Independence on Facebook without it being flagged as “hate speech.”

It’s hard to say what phrases in the Declaration of Independence caused Facebook to flag it as hate speech, though the left’s definition of hate speech has become so broad that even language talking about fighting for freedom from oppression could easily fall under scrutiny.

While it’s doubtful that Facebook flagged the Declaration of Independence intentionally (their censorship protocols are almost entirely controlled by AI) the incident does show just how out of control online censorship has become. To learn more about the story behind Facebook flagging the Declaration of Independence as hate speech, be sure to check out the video below.

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