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Hillary Clinton Says Democrats Can’t Be Civil Right Now


Two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared to make excuses for the erratic behavior of the American left during a recent interview with CNN.

According to Clinton, Democrats can’t afford to be civil when a tyrannical government is destroying everything they love. We’re not exactly sure what Clinton is talking about here. Maybe she’s referring to the unemployment rate? That would at least be accurate.

With prominent Democrats like Senator Maxine Waters openly advocating for supporters to harass Trump Administration officials — or apparently any who backs them — it’s easy to see where this lack of civility really started. But, Clinton doesn’t see it that way. Apparently, she’s under the impression that when Antifa activists are setting cars on fire, they’re just playing defense. Makes complete sense.

To be fair to the former First Lady, who seems to have trouble standing up too fast these days, she might have overlooked a few key details from the past few years. Fortunately, NRATV has compiled a list of reminders. Check it out below.

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