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How Much Can You REALLY Trust the Polls?


People who study logic and statistics know that opinion polls are exceedingly flawed. It’s almost impossible to perform a poll that is both politically timely and relevant while still being scientifically valid.

Polls can help you get an idea of what might be going on. But, most polling organizations have some kind of agenda. If it’s a CNN poll, you can forget it. They are known for polling their own staff, or just pulling their results out of their mini fridge.

Polls can be intentionally skewed by only calling people with certain types of phones. People with landlines will tend to be elderly and rather easy to lead. They also tend to be women, because more women stay at home during the day than men. No, that’s not sexist — it’s just a fact.

After the 2016 election, it was so obvious that polls are unreliable that even the failing New York Times had to run an article apologizing for being so wrong about the results of the presidential election. Did they change their ways after that? Well, you could run a poll that suggests that they did — but it would be wrong.

What the 2016 election tells us about polls is that not only do the mainstream media outlets have a bad habit of making their results out of wishful pudding but that they also never included the answers of anyone who was likely to vote for Trump. Otherwise, the story would have been different.

Here’s One America News with more.

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