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Is the Constitution the Left’s Worst Enemy?


Roughly 242 years ago, a handful of brilliant men worked together to form arguably the finest system of government ever devised by human beings. That assertion has been regarded with disdain by people in places of high academic privilege for decades. But it is a fact.

The founders created a system of government based on two things: their direct and experiential knowledge of the corruptibility of the powerful, and their conviction that the protection of the rights and dignity of the individual should be the primary objective of the law.

Today, we have a left-wing political movement determined to separate people according to grievance. They have created intersectionality, which is an ideology that privileges people according to a victimization classification. That’s why the LGBTQ acronym keeps growing — they keep adding victims!

What these people don’t realize is that the founders of our country, and in fact the ideas behind Western Civilization as a whole, already beat them to the final and only acceptable class of person to be singled out for protection under the law: the individual.

In the West, the individual is sovereign. That is to say, every human being is considered to be a vessel for the spark of the divine. All that we are and all that we do and create is subject to the right to life, liberty, and property which is indivisible from each and every human being.

That is what our Constitution is based on, and that’s why it must be protected.

Here Andrew Klavan with a simple reminder of this important truth.

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