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Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro Talk About the Left’s “Mob Mentality”


Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro are two of the most popular and hated people on the Internet.

Rogan, comedian, an MMA analyst turned comedian and host of “Powerful JRE;” a YouTube podcasting show, easily falls into the leftist Democrat side of things. NHowever, he is attacked mercilessly by the left for taking reasonable stances on all manner of issues.

What makes him outstanding, other than being a talented comedian, is his persistent willingness to host long-form conversations with people of all different backgrounds, areas of expertise, and political leanings. He has encouraged millions of people to take better care of their health, and his show has been hailed as one of the most informative and inspiring programs in communications history.

Ben Shapiro is a 35-year-old conservative and orthodox Jew. He is a lawyer by training and like Joe, he talks to all manner of people in open, long-form conversations. His understanding of law and politics is unparalleled in today’s popular discourse and his successful refutations of left-wing talking points and policies have Democrats calling him “the most dangerous man in America.” That’s strange — because unlike Barack Obama, a major target of his criticism, Shapiro has never authorized a drone war responsible for thousands of civilian deaths.

Both of these personalities have come under intense and poisonous attack by progressive liberals. Yet on politics, they are so different that night and day hardly offer up a proper comparison. Here Rogan and Shapiro discuss the crazed vitriol of the left and how it has pushed so many people into the conservative camp.

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