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John Stossel Takes Down Noam Chomsky on Venezuela


Have you ever tried to read a few pages of a Noam Chomsky book? Ever tried listening to a speech by Howard Zin? Ever notice how incomprehensible they are?

Sure, these guys are on about big complex issues. But does that really mean that they have to describe them in the most incomprehensible terms possible? What left-wing writers and rhetoricians have in common is they all tend to do their merry best to put things in the most cryptic way they can manage.

They make every effort to make their ideas inaccessible to the average person. This is in direct violation of the rules of good writing which dictate that the writer should put things as simply as they possibly can.

If you can say a thing using three words, then it is sophistry to say it using four. But that’s what writers like Chomsky do consistently.

Even worse than being unnecessarily hard to understand — sophists like Chomsky may also sacrifice accuracy in their attempts to make their ideas seem vast, complex, and impenetrable to the average intellect.

The truth is, even the most complex things can be understood by the average person if properly explained. But Chomsky doesn’t seem to want to be understood.

In this clip from Reason TV, John Stossel pokes some big rhetorical holes in Chomsky’s stilted rhetoric on Venezuela.

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