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Kamala Harris Defends Identity Politics


Identify politics is a cancer in the US political system, creating unnecessary divisions and convincing people that they are victims rather than showing them how they can better their lives. However, identity politics is also one of the most effective tools the left has to convince people to vote in their favor, meaning that they aren’t going to let go of it anytime soon.

No-doubt troubled by the right’s increasingly effective attacks on her party’s most important strategy, Kamala Harris recently took time in one of her speeches to offer a defense of identity politics. In typical leftist fashion, though, her defense of identity politics wasn’t a discussion about its value or merit, but rather an attack on anyone who would dare to say it’s a bad thing.

Kamala Harris claimed that those who argue against identity politics do so in an attempt to create division and draw focus away from the problems Americans face. She even took issue with the term “identity politics” itself, though her only logical reason for disliking this term is the fact that it gives a name to a strategy that the left would prefer to keep behind closed doors.

The obvious reality is, though, that it is identity politics and the Democrats who practice it that are responsible for creating division. When you convince entire groups of people that the system is designed to hold them back then proclaim that you are the only one who can fix it, division, anger, and hopelessness are the only results.

To learn more about Kamala’s Harris’s defense of one of the most sickening of all leftist strategies, be sure to check out the video below.

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