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Men Are Facing a Masculinity Crisis


For the past several years, feminists and the far left at-large have been waging a war on masculinity. They look at the negative consequences of male aggression such as war, murder, and rape and claim that masculinity is to blame. Their solution for stopping these acts of aggression is simply to make men more feminine.

However, this war on masculinity focuses on a symptom while completely misunderstanding the cause. The problem isn’t that men are too masculine – it’s that men aren’t masculine enough.

True masculinity shows itself in the form of heroism, determination, and a willingness to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Masculinity is a father stepping up and providing a better life for his children rather than leaving them to be raised by a single mother. It’s a firefighter willing to rush into a burning house to save someone trapped inside, a soldier who fights on foreign soil to protect the freedoms of the people back home, or simply a man who steps in to defend a woman who is being verbally or physically abused.

Men are not to blame for the violence and evil in the world – but bad men are. If we stop raising up good men who are willing to fight back against this evil, though, how can we expect to stop it? Bad men who are willing to commit acts of violence will always exist. If we continue to wage war against masculinity rather than embracing its positive characteristics, good men who have the courage to do what’s right may not.

To learn more about the importance of making America masculine again, be sure to check out the video below.

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