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More Delicious Leftist Tears Over Trump’s SCOTUS Pick


Given that Supreme Court justices serve for life, many presidents go an entire term or even two terms without making a single appointment. President Trump – the President the left hates more than any to come before him – however, has already appointed two.

The fact that Trump has now selected two out of the nine justices that will fill the Supreme Court for decades to come, and given conservatives a reliable majority in the Supreme Court for the first time in fifty years is a fact that is certainly not sitting well with liberals.

Well before Trump made his pick, Democrats began gearing up to smear and defame anyone that Trump nominated. By selecting Brett Kavanaugh, though, – a man whose record and credentials are both flawless – President Trump has made this a very difficult task.

Nevertheless, those on the left are already starting to attack Kavanaugh in every way they can, desperate to sway enough Senators to keep him being confirmed. Of course, it isn’t Kavanaugh himself that the left really has a problem with. The fact that President Trump was the one to nominate him isn’t even the main sticking point. The main sticking point for the left by far is the fear of a Supreme Court that is led by justices who dutifully follow the Constitution rather than justices who tow the Democratic party line and legislate from the bench.

To learn more about the left’s reaction to Donald Trump’s supreme court pick, be sure to check out the video below.

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