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Music Award Show Turns Into DNC Get Out the Vote Rally


In case you missed it (we definitely did, and we’re not sorry about it), there was some music award show on sometime this week. You probably didn’t see it because you were busy with the much more important task of literally anything else.

There was probably a time when shows like this were genuinely entertaining. Film award shows recognized excellence in film, and music award shows did the same for music. If that has ever been the case, and we’re not sure because it’s been such a long time, there is no trace of that left. Programs like the American Music Awards are little more than propaganda hits for the Democratic Party. Celebrity speeches have much less to do with recognizing the art in question as they do with making sure hopeless millennials register to vote so Democrats can be in control again.

But don’t take our word for it. If you needed any other reason to avoid shows like this, check out the compilation YouTube’s Mark Dice put together below.

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