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Obama Takes Aim at Trump, Takes Credit for the Economy


Replacing Barack Obama with a man who is his exact opposite in every single way should have been enough to let the former president know that the American people just aren’t that into him anymore. Nevertheless, Obama doesn’t seem as if he’s got the message yet.

While stumping for Democrats, Obama delivered a head-scratching speech where he praised the Trump economy while at the same time taking aim at both the man and the policies that made it possible.

During his speech, Obama “reminded” listeners that the soaring economy was, in fact, his doing – despite the fact that even most leftists economists have begrudgingly come around to admitting that we have Trump to thank for our current economic boom. Just a few breaths later, though, Obama was railing against the policies that have made this boom possible such as the GOP tax cuts while also calling for Bernie Sanders-style programs such as single-payer healthcare and free college tuition that would sink the economy faster than a lead balloon.

It would seem as if Obama is torn between two priorities – taking credit for the good that Trump has done and declaring that Trump hasn’t done anything good at all. Of course, it’s impossible to hold both of these positions at the same time, and trying to do so leads to laughable speeches such as the one Obama just delivered.

To learn more about the absurdity of Obama’s latest speech, be sure to check out the video below.

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