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Reality Check: The U.S. Does NOT Lead the World in Mass Shootings


If you ever saw Bowling for Columbine, you might believe the United States has more mass shootings than any other country on Earth- and rightly so, because the movie is very convincing. But you would be wrong.

You would be as wrong as Michael Moore is overweight, because the US is far from the worst country for mass shootings. It’s a crazy thought when you really get down to considering the facts. On the surface, it would seem that we are the worse mass shooting country. After all, we hear about mass shootings every day it seems.

But think about it. Is the US involved in a land war within its own borders? No. Do we have a robust police presence and respect for the rule of law? Yes. Are there many, many countries in the world where the opposite of those two statements are true? Yes!

Then how could we possibly have the worst per capita mass shooting rates? It makes zero sense. So how did we get to the point where most of us believe otherwise?

The answer is huge media concentration on every mass shooting that happens. The US is a big country. Something awful is statistically bound to be happening somewhere in America at any given time. It’s statistically impossible that it would be otherwise. But that does not make this country a mass shooting hell hole.

What it does mean is we have a blood hungry media that will skip over every other story if there’s a shooting to be salaciously covered.

Here’s One America News with more.

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