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Remembering All of The Clinton-Russia Ties


While the mainstream media is trying their best to tie President Trump to some unknown Russian boogeyman, real politicos remember the actual Russian ties that the Clinton family cultivated during their time in the White House.

Actually, they probably developed those ties before the White House. We are absolutely sure that they existed during Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential run. Digital hero Julian Assange found the truth from the emails of one of Clinton’s top aides, John Podesta.

Podesta and others were caught naming themselves in deals with Russian business people. This wasn’t conjecture, political posturing or fake news. They said it plain and simple, and they were talking about themselves.

Most people do not have a political memory beyond the last news cycle, it seems. If mainstream media says that conservatives are the ones with Russia ties, then that is what the public believes. This occurs even though it is well documented that Jay Z’s small ownership claim on the Brooklyn Nets occurred because of his ties to a Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov. (Prokhorov briefly owned 49 percent of the team and sold it to an Arab.) Remember that Jay Z was the shameless Obama supporter who threw a horrible, profanity laden concert specifically for Hillary during the 2016 campaign.

No one remembers this stuff, either! It is essential that we remember the facts about who has real ties to Russia so that we do not get fooled by fake news in mainstream media.

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