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Reminder: Palestine Has NEVER Been a Country


In just about any conflict where a third party is consulted, the more reasonable party between the two contenders will always be burdened with the majority of the responsibility. The reason for this is that dealing with the more reasonable party is usually less expensive.

The more reasonable party will be more willing to negotiate. The more reasonable party is less willing to take risks because they will usually be more aware of what they have to lose. In other words, the more reasonable party has more agency. They have some capacity for problem solving. Therefore, a third party interventionist — like a police officer, for example — will always look to push off some responsibility on the more responsible party.

What this means is that any intervening third party will always look to the more reasonable contestant to shoulder some of the burden of dealing with the less reasonable party. This is not a rational process. It is largely a subconscious decision making algorithm which has evolved to help us to save vital energy and avert evadable risks.

Spend a few weeks listening to cases in any family court, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Now consider the case of Israel and Palestine. One is clearly more reasonable than the other. Here’s PragerU with more on the ongoing conflict over the Holy Land.

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