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Republicans Must Focus on the Booming Economy in 2018


For every misstep and scandal involving President Trump – be it big or small, real or imaginary – the left-wing media rolls out nonstop coverage, analyzing every single detail and looking at it from every possible anti-Trump angle. However, there’s one thing the media hasn’t been paying much attention to since Trump took office – the economy.

Ever since Trump was elected, the economy has been booming. Unemployment is at a record low, the stock market is soaring, and companies are bringing back wealth and jobs to the United States. All of these accomplishments, though, have elicited nothing but the sound of crickets from those in the mainstream media.

Next to keeping the country safe, one of the most important jobs of the president is to guide the nation’s economy, and every president is largely graded based on how the economy is performing under his watch – every president, that is, except for Donald Trump. Instead of being judged based on his performance, Trump is instead judged based the words of porn stars, conversations with his lawyers, exact words he did and did not say to President Putin, and a whole litany of other non-issues.

Nevertheless, when it comes time to vote again in 2020, Americans are sure to be more influenced by the extra money in their bank accounts than they are by the never-ending supply of fake outrage by the media. To learn more about the way the mainstream media has avoided covering Trump’s biggest triumph, be sure to check out the video below.

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