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Socialism’s Dark, Murderous History


Politics is a funny thing. Here at Liberty Video News, we think of politics as a kind of snapshot of human consciousness in its entirety. Thinking of humans as composing a collective mind can be very instructive, and it explains quite a bit.

While many argue that the left/right paradigm is unnatural and limiting, one might choose to consider the fact that left/right politics looks a lot like the two sides of the human brain. The job of the right brain is to adapt to the unknown through experimentation, and the job of the left brain is to adapt to the known through structure. Of course, the two hemispheres control opposite sides of the body, making the political analogy work.

Knowing this, we can see that the collective human mind has parts, just like an ordinary brain. And anything that has parts can suffer a malfunction in one of those parts. What we’re trying to say, as kindly as possible, is that the liberal side of the mind of humanity, at least in the west, is suffering from some kind of personality disorder.

A personality disorder warps one’s perception of reality, and sets one at odds with entities that one should be in cooperation with. What we’re saying is that the left and right need each other — and right now, the left is mentally ill.

Their illness is a cognitive disorder known as socialism.

Here’s One America News Network with more on the mental disorder that is pushing the left toward socialism.

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