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Stephen Willeford: “It’s Not the Gun, It’s the Heart”


When the next mass shooting happens, and the left falsely runs with the story claiming that we have an epidemic of violence on our hands — they will leave a few things out.

They will leave out the truth about gun stats. They will leave out the fact that most gun deaths are the deaths of would-be perps. They will leave out the huge numbers of women who have successfully defended themselves against would be rapists using guns. They will leave out the fact that all of the Scandinavian countries have higher mass shooting rates than the US. And they will leave out the fact that schools are attacked because they are undefended.

Meanwhile, Israel shakes its collective head sadly.

Then they will insult those of us who refuse to leave those things out of the equation. They will say you love your guns more than you care about children. They will call you a bitter clinger, a lunatic, or a terrorist. They will call you a coward, a bigot, and a monster. Then they will threaten you with violence.

Finally, the gun grabbers will leave out the heroes — the armed people willing to invest in a weapon, learn to use it safely and effectively, and put themselves at risk to stand between a killer and their neighbors.

The left cannot imagine such a person because they are weak of spirit. But such people are real, and they live among us. They are ordinary in every way except for their courage.

Here is NRATV with one such hero.

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