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The Campaign Against ICE is a Campaign for Open Borders


In the dangerous new era of the Democratic Party, the hard-working men and women of the US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) have come under fire.

In a matter of weeks, the voices in the Democratic Party calling for ICE to be abolished have grown from a few fringe politicians to a mainstream narrative within the party. Democrats point to the fiasco at the border with children being separated from their parents as the moral reasoning that ICE should be abolished. Yet the true end-game behind abolishing ICE could not be more clear: Democrats want the United States to have completely open borders.

Of course, the financial and national security consequences of opening up our borders to anyone and everyone who wishes to enter the country would be catastrophic. Yet, for the Democratic Party, the number of votes that they would gain if the United States was flooded with immigrants far outweigh these costs.

Open borders has been the end-goal for the Democrats ever since the party started shifting further and further to the left, and the call for ICE to be abolished is simply another step toward this goal. To learn more about the prominent Democrats calling for ICE to be abolished and the consequences that doing so would have, be sure to check out the video below.

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