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The Cost of a Democratic Victory for the Border


Currently, Republicans control both chambers of Congress, the White House, and, pending the nomination of President Trump’s second Supreme Court pick, the Supreme Court as well. In spite of this, though, little has been done so far to secure our nation’s southern border.

Any attempt that President Trump has made to crack down on illegal immigration has been met with fiery attacks and emotional appeals from the Democratic Party. So far, Republicans seem to be caving under those efforts, and, against all odds, Democrats are winning the battle at the border. The cost of their victory for the American people, though, is painfully high.

Illegal immigration is a massive drain on our economy, a serious national security concern, and powerful fuel to the drug epidemic that is plaguing our country. Democrats are fighting for a country where all of these very serious matters are left entirely unaddressed, and, right now, they are winning.

Immigration is one of the foremost issues that Republicans were elected to fix. They owe it to the American people to start fighting back harder than they have, refusing to cave under the bully tactics and emotional manipulation of the Democratic party. The stakes are simply too high for them to do anything less.

To learn more about the high cost of Democratic victory at the border, be sure to check out the video below.

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