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The Retirement of David Koch and the Conservative Movement


One of the most successful and staunchly conservative men in the world has announced his retirement from his professional field.

David Koch unofficially announced his retirement from the front lines of political discourse. There is a great deal that a retired person can do, but when you consider Mr. Koch was performing all of his feats of daring while also serving as a businessman, you realize something.

What is it that we should realize as conservatives?

When a man retires from a profession that he has known for decades, he is saying that it is time for the next generation to step up. Listen to the remarks that Mr. Koch made in the video listed here. The undertone is that he is looking for the next generation of conservative stalwarts. It is time for him to retire.

At a certain point, a man has done all that he can really do. It is time for him to sit back, take in the rewards of his work, and watch his children and grandchildren grow. As for the conservatives who owe their livelihoods to his financial efforts and employment opportunities, it is time for you all to step up into the front lines. You stand on the shoulders of a giant.

We should take conservatism farther than David Koch was ever able to take it. Yes, this is a tall order, but we have the stage set for us.

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