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Trump’s Funniest Moments (So Far…)


If you’ve been hanging around Liberty Videos very long, you’ve probably seen this video a few times- maybe you even have it set as your alarm clock jingle… as some of us have done.

What you might not have heard is that videos like this one have been produced by thousands of YouTube creators. But they aren’t the only ones to come out with a “Best Trump Comebacks” style clip. Similar videos have also been created by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and other so-called mainstream news outlets.

It’s weird, because these people are making their money hating on the president, yet they don’t seem to mind creating a valuable piece of click bait that takes its cues from this Mark Dice Video.

So the Dice Man cut this clip in December 2016, after the Humongous won the election. It was an instant Internet hit, inspiring memes aplenty. It is also THE most popular video of its kind. However, when you look up “Great Trump Comebacks” or “Trump’s funniest moments” or anything like that, the first results you see are not the Mark Dice video. You see a few pages of MSM bullstuff first.

This is in spite of the fact that the Mark Dice video has nearly 9 million views — far outstripping anything CNN has ever produced!

So here’s the video. Give it some love, and help make the Internet great again.

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