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Trump’s Latest Trade Triumph Stuns Critics


One of President Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises was his guarantee to renegotiate trade deals between the United States and fellow North American countries Canada and Mexico. While the mainstream media has been focused on one non-issue after another, the president delivered on that promise, unveiling a new trade deal between the US and Mexico.

The new trade deal will move a large portion of automotive manufacturing back to the United States, strengthen protections for US intellectual property, improve the trade of digital products, and more.

Better still, now that the US and Mexico have signed a new trade deal, Canada has given indications that they would be willing to work with the White House to create a new trade deal between Canada and the United States as well. In other words, you can check off another lofty promise that Trump made on the campaign trail as a promise that he’s now fulfilled.

The new trade deal between the US and Mexico will bolster an American economy that is already booming under President Trump’s guidance, creating more jobs in the US, leveling the playing field for US companies, and protecting the rights of American innovators. Regardless of whether or not the media covers this latest trade triumph, it is sure to be on the minds of many Americans as they head to the polls in 2018 and 2020.

For more details on Trump’s new trade deal with Mexico and how it will benefit the US economy, be sure to check out the video below.

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