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Twitter Forced to Admit to Censoring Conservatives


Big tech media organizations have been wrongfully, in violation of their own terms of service, and possibly quite illegally- censoring conservative voices on social media sites.

The victims have been aware of this censorship for years. But no one except other conservatives ever lends an ear to these complaints. Like men who are beaten by their wives, the conservative victims of liberal censorship are brushed off, ignored, and often blamed for the wrongs done to them.

One of the most common ways people defend entities like FaceBlock when they target conservative content is by saying that they own the platform and can do what they like.

It’s true, the owners of FaceBonk and Tweaker do own their digital platforms. But it is also true that these outlets and others like them state up front in their terms of service that they are there to provide an open platform to all kinds of content.

Predictably, the outlets say the people they censor are hateful or promote violence. According to them, believing that abortion is wrong- for example- is hate speech.

But it’s interesting to note that the Supreme Court has defended conservatives in almost every such case where the cry of hate speech is made.

Now, Twitter may be called before Congress to explain their censorious behavior and to scrape the bottom of the barrel for an excuse for it.

Here’s Mark Dice with more on this story.

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