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What They Won’t Tell You About the Migrant Crisis


The West is under siege. The waves and waves of “migrants” flooding into Europe, Canada, England, and the US were made possible by Hillary Clinton when she allowed Muammar Gaddafi to be killed by his radical opponents.

Gaddafi knew that Western power players were gunning for him. What he didn’t understand is that what they wanted was the destruction of their own culture. He warned American politicians that if he fell, the western world would be flooded with migrants from the Middle East — not economic migrants, or refugees — but adherents to a culture that is bent on destroying the West.

When the Gaddafi died after being humiliated, tortured, and mutilated, his regime fell and the flood of migrants began — just as he predicted.

Now the migrants are here, and the left wingers in politics, in the media, and in government are doing everything in their power to cover up the damage as it happens. British men are being arrested for complaining about Islamic rape gangs who kidnap, rape, torture, sell, and kill young girls and boys. All the while, Sweden suffers the biggest increase in rape statistics in recorded history.

This is not what we are being told it is. It is a weaponed cross-cultural upheaval.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson with a guest who offers a little inside information on what it’s like to live in a land overwhelmed by violent anti-western immigrants.

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