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Why Dinesh D’Souza is So Important to the Conservative Movement


Very few conservative media personalities were able to undermine the Obama administration quite like Dinesh D’Souza

The India-born filmmaker was definitely one of the former president’s most famous critics. His exposes on the presidency of Obama exposed many things that Democrats did not want made public. Apparently, he got under the president’s skin as well.

Pres. Donald Trump did the right thing by pardoning Dinesh — who had already served his time for violating campaign finance laws (to which he pled guilty).

This is a man who was doing nothing other than expressing his First Amendment rights to free speech. He expressed an opinion about then Pres. Obama based on facts that had been legitimately researched. To this day, former Pres. Obama refuses to answer questions when asked about the situation.

We must also consider how brave Pres. Trump was in pardoning this man. This is especially true because of the publicity that was given to the pardon. It solidifies Trump as a true conservative who is not afraid to make a staunchly conservative opinion known when the cameras are on. There is very little that anyone can say about this man’s bona fides right now.

We must turn this energy to 2020. Democrats were able to gain a bit of ground in the legislature during the midterms. If we allow this momentum to continue, we will soon be under the auspices of another Democrat president and legislature. This is something that true conservatives simply cannot allow.

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