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Why the Mueller-Trump Interview Won’t Happen


President Donald Trump’s legal team and the Mueller team are still fighting back and forth over the terms regarding a potential interview between the president and special counsel Robert Mueller. Despite this back and forth, though, most experts agree that a Mueller-Trump interview is still highly unlikely to happen.

The reality is that Trump has nothing to gain from sitting down with Mueller. Mueller’s investigation has turned up nothing so far, and if Trump is indeed innocent then the investigation will continue to get nowhere. If Trump sits down with Mueller, though, that might change.

Robert Mueller would no-doubt use the interview as a chance to try and trap President Trump into perjuring himself — a trap that someone like Mueller would be very adept at setting. This would mean that Mueller could end up charging Trump with a crime even if he is found innocent of all the other crimes that Mueller set out to investigate. The risk of such a trap is something that Trump and his legal team are no-doubt well aware of, and odds are they are using their negotiations with Mueller to simply show that they were willing to work with him regarding an interview.

To learn more about the Mueller-Trump interview and why it is unlikely to happen, be sure to check out the video below.

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