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Why Trump’s Approval is Steadily Rising


President Donald Trump is not perfect, but he represents the voice of a cross-section of Americans who have been neglected and mistreated for so long that they had all but given up on being considered first-class citizens.

We’re talking about the working class — you know, the workers — the people Marxism is supposed to care about. Yeah, well, these are the same people who have been mocked and derided as indigent fools, inveterate bigots, and dangerous troglodytes for generations.

But the truth is, the working class, particularly the working class in the fly-over states, these are the people who make America function. There are the builders, the planners, the laborers, the manufacturing workers, the farmers, and the miners. They are 100% essential personnel for this nation to run properly. But the left and academic/Hollywood culture have nothing but disdain for them.

That is unacceptable. These people deserve our respect as much as anyone else does in this nation.

Sadly, this respect has been missing for decades. But Donald Trump has brought it back, and that is why he is in office — because huge numbers of working class-flyover state people saw it and voted for it. Now, America has to deal with it.

But as we have seen, the Democrats are not taking it well.

However, despite all their childish tantrums, Trump’s approval rating holds strong. The working class is telling us something. The America First movement is not going away.

Here’s Ben Shapiro with more.

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