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Why Your Children Are Taught to HATE Christopher Columbus


Earlier this week, school children all over the country celebrated a very different holiday in school than you did in your youth.

In case you’re not caught up with the times, Columbus Day is now remembered as Indigenous People’s Day. Instead of learning about the historic voyage that brought western civilization to the New World, school children are being told about how evil Europeans heartlessly wiped out pacifist tribes en masse.

Not only is this cultural shift a major threat to our politics, it’s also a complete misinterpretation of history.

Now, sure: the true story of Christopher Columbus is not the sunshine and roses tale you might have heard when you were younger. There are plenty of examples of European powers abusing their technological advantages over developing peoples — particularly in the newly discovered Americas. But that’s not what Columbus Day is about. This isn’t honoring massacres of tribal people. This is appreciating the amazing contributions western civilization has had on this part of the world.

To get a full extent of just how whitewashed history has become regarding this holiday, watch Steven Crowder’s PragerU presentation below.

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