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Black Trump Supporter Harassesed at Cheesecake Factory


If you want compelling evidence of the fact that Democrats are only interested in minorities for their votes, you only have to look at the way they treat them. Conservative thinker Dinesh D’souza argues that to understand what the Democrats are doing, you only have to realize that the Democratic Party is the party of slavery.

D’souza says, the defining idea behind slavery is the simple assertion that, ‘you work, and I eat.’ Look at the policies of the left, he asks us, and see that welfare, wealth distribution, differential rights for different groups and you see that ‘you work, and I eat’ is a central theme of the Democratic Party.

D’souza goes on to point out that the “great shift”- the claim that the Democrats and the Republicans switched platforms is a total lie.

“When did this happen?” he asks. “How could it happen? It’s like believing that the cops were once robbers and the robbers were once cops, then- all at once- they switched.”

Finally, he points out that in reality, during the Civil War, no Republicans owned slaves. He laid down the challenge to refute this claim years ago, and no Democrat has yet succeeded.

During the FDR administration, the Democrats adopted a platform designed to enslave blacks through a system of meager handouts — and it has destroyed the black family exactly as it was intended to do.

For more modern evidence of how the left thinks it owns minorities, see what happens when a black man dares to wear a MAGA hat in public, in this shocking video.

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