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Democrats Champion Women, Defend Sexual Abusers


Part of the identity politics of the left is their claim to be the only party that champions the rights of women.

In most cases, this crusade begins and ends at supporting the murder of unborn children and propping up fallacies of third-wave feminism that respected economists and social commentators have proven false time and time again. When given the opportunity to truly champion women by ousting sexual abusers within their own ranks, though, the Democratic party has come up woefully short.

Consider the former New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman, who is facing accusations from four women that he beat and sexually abused them. In spite of this, there’s been nothing but crickets from the left as they refuse to call out Schneiderman for his actions. In fact, Planned Parenthood actually went after Kellyanne Conway on Twitter when she attacked Schneiderman for his history of abuse.

You can also consider the co-founder of the women’s march, Linda Sarsour – a woman the left has propped up as one of their main champions of women’s rights. Sarsour, meanwhile, uses her platform to promote some of the most regressive ideologies in regards to women’s rights in the world today, saying that Sharia law – an Islamic system of law that strips women of all rights and essentially makes them slaves to their husbands – is a “good thing”.

The reality is that the left is certainly no champion of women. To learn more about their long history of covering for and supporting sexual abusers, be sure to check out the video below.

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