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Dinesh D’Souza Puts Socialist Student in His Place


Here at Liberty Video News, we’ve done our part to spread the truth that personal responsibility is morally superior to wealth redistribution- which is theft. What’s more, we’ve done our best to make the point, in an agreeable way, to show that the Democrats, liberals, progressives, and socialists are not friends of liberty.

The left does not care about the poor. They only hate the rich. They are not defenders of the weak, they only resent the strong. And they have no desire to work and develop themselves into worthy adversaries of evil. They only want to siphon off the strength and accomplishments of those who actually produce value, and to use that strength to place themselves at the opulent center of a centralized government.

Socialism and non-classical liberalism are not about organizing society in a fair and equitable manner. It’s about bringing everyone down to their level so that they can ‘rule in Hell, rather than serve in Heaven.’

So it isn’t surprising that the acolytes of this ideology would be ill-informed and arrogant. But, this is to our advantage because they cannot help but open their mouths to reveal venom dripping fangs. When they do, they reveal their true nature. That’s when the true fighters for freedom can strike a mighty blow for truth.

Here, in this clip from The Daily Truth, a Marxist student opens his question for Dinesh by calling him ignorant. What follows is a brutal example of what happens when a lightweight tells the champ he’s a “girly man.”

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