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Does Italy Want its Own ‘Brexit’?


Italy has officially installed a populist government following a round of controversial elections that saw the infamous Five Star Movement rise to prominence.

The fascinating part about the Five Star Movement, led by Italian politician Luigi Demaio, is that it bridges ideological gaps between several populist groups in the country. The big tent group welcomes leftist welfarists as well as right-wing factions. What unites them, however, is their euroskepticism and rejection of mass migration promoted by the European Union.

As you can imagine, high-ranking EU officials have denounced the Five Star Movement as well as the average Italian voter for voting for them. The Brussels bureaucracy has even attempted to install one of their own as prime minister while Italian lawmakers were still putting together a coalition government — which would have effectively superseded the results of a democratic election.

More and more, Italians are warming up to the idea of emulating the United Kingdom and ditching the EU altogether. Whether or not they can pull this off in the midst of such political chaos remains to be seen, but the fact remains that the EU clearly cannot maintain its stranglehold over the sovereign states of Europe forever.

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