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FNC’s The Five Rips ‘Fire and Fury’ Book Apart


The U.S. airwaves are lighting up with indignation on both sides of the “Fire and Fury” scandal around Michael Wolff’s recent book release.

While the White House is vehemently denying that the author had access to President Trump, Michael Wolff is claiming hours of time spent with the president gave him unique insight into his personality and the running of the White House. However, what is the general public to believe?

The main stream media has been taking quite a beating over their treatment of President Trump since he took office — and even before. Facts that are not quite vetted or outright invalid are streaming over the air waves, and it’s quite possible that Michael Wolff took a page from the MSM and used a little artistic license in penning his book.

Politifact has their Truth Meter working overtime on this one, with close to ten outright fallacies present in the book without digging too deeply. While some of these are negligible (a misspelling of a name, for instance), others are significant such as confusing a Washington Post report Mark Berman with lobbyist Mike Berman.

One of the most troubling parts of the book is the lack of valid sources. Conversations between Steve Bannon and Ivanka Trump are reported, but there is no mention of how the author managed to overhear this information. The narrative is disjointed at best, and Bannon appears to be the key messenger while vague reports of “multiple interviews and visits to the White House” are cited often.

Is Michael Wolff telling tall tales in his recent book, or does the Trump White House truly have something to hide? Watch the video on ‘The Five’ from Fox News and decide for yourself.

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