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“Gotcha” — Jordan Peterson Leaves Feminist Interviewer Speechless


British broadcaster and television presenter Cathy Newman was definitely not prepared for this one…

Jordan Peterson, a popular cultural critic, podcaster, and University of Toronto professor, has gained enormous clout with the online conservative community over the past year. His fame escalated when his university revealed new language guidelines which contained strict rules for using the preferred pronouns for transgender people, which Peterson publicly repudiated.

Since then, Peterson has been particularly outspoken about what he calls a crisis of masculinity in the west, and the rise of radical leftism within academia. When asked to clarify his positions on various social issues, all Cathy Newman seemed to be able to retort with were baseless claims of sexism.

The interview below shows just how off-base liberal media presenters have become. When discussing the male-to-female wage gap, for example, Peterson rightfully points out that gender alone isn’t the prevailing cause. This only prompts Newman to make even more ridiculous accusations.

Peterson’s genius is on full display when Newman asks him about free speech, and why he believes his right to be “offensive” trumps another person’s right to feel comfortable. His answer left the British interviewer completely speechless.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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