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North Korea is to Blame for the Cancelled Summit


Leading up to the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un, many feared that North Korea’s unpredictable ruler would cancel the summit at the last minute. It turned out, though, that President Trump was the one to call off the historic meeting.

This action has provided Trump’s opponents with yet another opportunity to attack his leadership. Yet, in the end, it is still North Korea that is to blame for the summit being canceled.

Leading up to the summit, the dialogue of North Korea has grown increasingly hostile, and concessions they once seemed willing to make – such as denuclearizing the Korean peninsula – were taken off the table. The summit increasingly began to look like an opportunity for Kim Jong-Un to gain major concessions from the United States without giving up anything himself. By canceling the summit, Trump showed that these actions were not going to work.

In the end, President Trump sacrificed an opportunity to make history and cement himself as the first President to ever meet with North Korea’s leader in order to send a powerful message and gain leverage over the rogue nation. The meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un may still end up taking place, but not before North Korea realizes that they must give in order to receive from the United States.

To learn more about the factors that lead Trump to cancel the summit with Kim Jong-Un, be sure to check out the video below.

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