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The DOJ has Spent $17 million on Mueller’s Investigation


President Donald Trump has called Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into his alleged ties with Russia a witch hunt and a waste of taxpayer money. Now that the DOJ has released a new budget report, it seems that the president’s statements are not far off.

So far, Mueller’s investigation has cost U.S. taxpayers $17 million. While this figure is not unheard of for a major DOJ investigation, the bigger issue is the fact that $17 million has been spent on an investigation that has thus far produced zero results and that was founded on partisan research funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

President Trump has remained adamant about his innocence, yet is still unable to shut down the Mueller investigation due to the political uproar that doing so would cause. Instead, the investigation will drag on indefinitely, and continue costing taxpayers untold amounts of money. Given the flimsy evidence that the investigation was based on, and the nonexistent evidence that it has produced thus far, the results are unlikely to change no matter how many more millions of dollars are thrown into Mueller’s investigation.

To learn more about the expense of the Mueller investigation and its current state, be sure to check out the video below.

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