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The Horrendous Double Standard of the FBI and the DOJ


The fact that the FBI and DOJ are unbiased, nonpartisan branches of government is absolutely essential to them functioning as intended. Sadly, both the FBI and DOJ have proven themselves to be anything but unbiased and nonpartisan – a reality made abundantly clear through the double standard of how they handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton versus the investigation into Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server was never taken seriously at the highest levels of law enforcement, and we now know that former FBI director James Comey had already pre-decided not to recommend charges be brought against Clinton before the investigation had ever commenced. Likewise, the investigation into the Uranium One scandal involving both Clinton and Obama never gained much traction in the FBI or DOJ in spite of its seriousness and all the evidence surrounding it.

Meanwhile, both the FBI and DOJ have been hounding President Trump mercilessly, desperately trying to prove that his campaign colluded with Russian officials during the 2016 election and exhausting every resource at their disposal to do so.

This kind of double standard demonstrates a very real and very serious problem within the FBI and DOJ that must be addressed if we ever want these organizations to return to the symbols of fairness and justice that they once were.

To hear Ben Shapiro talk about the double standard of the FBI and DOJ, be sure to check out the video below.

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