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The Problem with the Bret Baier/James Comey Interview


James Comey just gave perhaps one of the cringiest interviews ever recorded on television with Fox news correspondent Bret Baier.

President Donald Trump’s recent bluster calling Comey “a liar and a leaker” seems that much less over the top after viewing this interview. He looked awful, he undercut his own credibility, and he didn’t do the country any favors, either.

Comey claimed that he did not know that Democrats funded the Christopher Steele dossier, which is something that is taken as basic fact these days. He fidgeted around when asked about whether he had leaked documents that undermined national security. He could not answer any of Baier’s questions directly. This is completely unacceptable for someone who was entrusted with one of the most sensitive political and security positions within the United States.

Baier did an excellent job of pulling the contradictions out of Comey without seeming too political about it. Ben Shapiro, who ran commentary on the interview after the fact, brought attention to some insightful points about Comey’s body language, his inability to answer a simple question, and many other aspects of the interview that the layman might miss.

Overall, this is a great step forward for conservatives. Perhaps now we can all move past these blind criticisms of the Trump administration and of our president himself. The sooner that we all do this, the sooner that we will actually move ourselves forward into some real policy discussions to Make America Great Again.

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